Bus tour to Clearwater Beach

We took a bus tour from Orlando to Clearwater beach. It was an amazing experience and a great way of ending our trip to Orlando, Florida.

We spent a week in Orlando and even though Orlando is not on the Florida coast, it is still very close to many beaches. One of the most famous beaches in the United States is actually within driving distance and we really wanted to get there for at least one day. Luckily we found a tour bus that saved us plenty of money and the aggravation of renting a car.

The Clearwater Beach bus tour is well worth the money and one of the excursions that we highly recommend. We found the trip on BestOfOrlando. Luckily, we were able to book just a few days before the tour on a day that we had time, and the weather was cooperating. There is always the risk of the tickets selling out on the weekends, however, we went on a Monday during the rainy season so we did not stress too much on availability. There was plenty of room on our double decker bus.

There is a tour guide and our tour included lunch. There are also excursions that you can add to your package, but we really wanted the beach.

The tour bus has various pick up and drop off locations in the Orlando area and ours was about a mile and half away from Margaritaville, where we were staying.

If you are running away from the sargassum that has been infesting the Florida coast, then Clearwater Beach is the place to go. We were running away from the nasty seaweed in Miami Beach, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale, but there was not a trace of it in Clearwater.

Because of it's location in the Gulf of Mexico, there are very few waves at Clearwater Beach and the water is warmer than what you may be accustomed to. This may be a turn-off for those people that enjoy playing in the waves, however, it is ideal for those that enjoy calmer water. As a non-swimmer, I truly enjoyed this beach, since I felt safe walking out into the water.

Clearwater Beach is constantly voted one of the top beaches in the United States because of its signature white sand. Even though the water itself was not as clear as we may have wanted it to be, because of all the rain, we still had absolutely no hesitation in jumping in and enjoying our experience.

The calm water, white sand, and lack of sargassum make this an ideal location to enjoy the beach.

We would also like to add that the lunch that was included in our package was definitely worth the price. After being disappointed with many of the included meals at SeaWorld and in other offers, this was a definitely a welcome change.

The worst part of the trip was simply that it was too short. Though you do get a solid 6 hours at the beach, the time goes way too fast. The day is over before you know it. However, we do plan on going back and spending more time in Clearwater Beach.