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I am blind without my glasses. I don't mean to make light, a few of my eye doctors have confirmed this. I still remember the first time I put glasses on as a child, I was able to see the New York City skyline for the first time going home, and I simply fell in love with it. I went years passing right by it and never saw its true majesty with my own eyes.

To make matters worse, I can not seem to be able to use contacts. The mere thought of it freaks me out. I almost kicked the doctor last time he tried to put drops in my eyes, so I basically failed the contacts test.

I know I am not the only one that has vision problems, and that is why glasses are so important, not just on vacation but at all times. To make it worse, they can be so expensive. I just paid over $700 for a prescription pair and that was AFTER insurance.

I have VSP insurance, and I am not knocking them, I am thankful for any insurance help. I am also aware that my prescription is also a lot stronger than most. But like many of us, we just can't afford to lose our glasses on vacation, or any other day.

I always carry an extra pair with me just in case I lose my original on vacation. That fear of losing my glasses, or breaking them is always with me. It has happened so many times.

Paying these extraordinary prices for glasses has led me to search for better and less expensive ways to fill my eye-glass prescriptions. You just need to make sure to get your prescription from your doctor (you may need to ask for it), and put in the information online. While you may still want to buy your glasses at the store, you may want to pay for the least expensive pair and see what you can find online. You will usually end up paying substantially less than what you would pay with insurance.

Just make sure to do as much research as possible. Depending on your insurance, your choice of eye-glasses, and your prescription, you may still get a better deal from your local vision specialists.

In my wife's case, she has 20/20 vision. I have no idea what she sees in me. Mainly cause I can't see myself. After her doctor's visit, they tried to get her to buy sunglasses. They were over $500 for the least expensive pair , without a prescription. We were able to find similar and in some cases better sunglasses for less than half the price online.

I have linked a way to get your measurements here. Feel free to explore the many options available to you and hopefully, you will have that peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have that extra pair of prescription glasses with you. Just in case.

If you are going to purchase eye-wear from the internet, we recommend you use Warby Parker, Coastal, or Eyeglasses.com depending on your individual needs.

You should also be able to use your insurance to buy your glasses.

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