Three Days in las Vegas

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When I go to Vegas, I don't stay in Vegas.

For Vegas, we used a Website called PlumBenefits which NJ teachers have access through NJEA.org. If you are not a teacher in NJ, don't lose hope! Many companies and states offer plumbenefits as part of their benefit plans so make sure to check if you are eligible to join. We found a great deal at the MGM Grand. We were attracted to their pool complex which we took advantage of during our stay. We asked about upgrades, and we were offered one for about $10 a night. We took it. I have to say, staying on the strip can be fun, but be ready for some potentially wild floor mates. Hotel security was great and we had an awesome time, but next time we will probably opt for a more homey and hopefully silent experience.

While in Vegas we went to Dinner at the Stratosphere, while it seemed like it was incredibly expensive, we just simply found a deal on Groupon. We were a little disappointed that we did not get a window seat with advanced notice, but the food was delicious and we can't complain too much at such a great price! I believe the deal is still available. We also went to see the Latin Billboard Awards which was a great experience. Make sure to enjoy at least one show while you are visiting Vegas.

One of the best activities that I have ever experienced in Vegas was a plane tour of the Grand Canyon. It was well worth the price of admission. Just remember that you will be in a small plane and that is an experience in itself, if you are not used to the smaller aircrafts.

Grand Canyon Plane Tour

I would recommend that you skip the helicopter ride around the city. It is short and the strip is not big enough to warrant a helicopter ride.

VEGAS IS A GREAT HUB! I find that Vegas is a great place to start or finish your vacations. There are great hotel deals and many other destinations that can be reached by car. The Grand Canyon, LA, San Diego, Phoenix, and many national parks are a drive away. Since there is always something new to see in Vegas, its always a great place to stay while you are exploring different areas on the West Coast. For this particular trip, we took a flight to San Francisco, Flew to Vegas, and then back home. We did not rent a car, but used Uber and Lyft to get around. The airport is right next to the strip so you dont have to worry so much about the cost. If you are renting a car, just make sure that you have free parking available at your hotel. Most hotels in Vegas offer free parking, but some do not.