An Evening at Liberty State Park

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We decided to drive down to Liberty State Park in Jersey City, NJ to enjoy a small picnic and an amazing summer sunset. It was a wonderful experience, one that many locals know, and that very few tourist get to enjoy. However, if you are into photography, glorious views, nature, or skylines, you may want to consider a stop at this beautiful park.

Liberty State Park is located in Jersey City, NJ and is easily accessible by car, or light rail. However, if you are not driving a vehicle, I do recommend that you take an Uber or Lyft to the park, since the light rail station is a very long walk from many of the most popular parts of the park.

For our stay, we were by Flag Plaza or how the locals refer to it, "The Flags". A popular area in the East side of the park. While there are many tourist that visit the West Side of the Park for the 9/11 Memorial and the Ferry to the Statue of Liberty, very few wander all the way down to the other side of the park. This makes it an ideal part of the park for local families and those in the know. It also has the best views of the beautiful New York City Skyline, as well as the Jersey City Waterfront Skyline that seems to blend in perfectly from this vantage point.

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From this area you can also enjoy a wonderful view of the Statue of Liberty the New York Bay. You can enjoy the many ships that come in and out of New York City and occasionally you might even spot a cruise ship passing by. Recently, eagle-eyed spectators have caught glimpses of seals, dolphins, and even whales from Liberty State Park.

As the sun starts setting, you can get wonderful pictures of the Statue of Liberty and the New York City Skyline.

You can also get great pictures of the sun setting on Liberty State Park. You are surrounded by beauty on all sides. You are getting the best of both natural and man-made beauty.

We took all the pictures using our Selfie Stick. I hate having a selfie stick. Yet I love having the selfie stick. Grr. Feel free to click on the link below and check it out.

All pictures were taken with the Google Pixel 2. The pictures are amazing and Google provides you with unlimited storage. I plan to upgrade to the Pixel 4 in the near future.

The park closes at 10 PM in the summers so you can stay and take pictures of the skyline at night from this vantage point. As for us, we had a show to catch at 9PM so we rushed out after taking these great pictures.

There is plenty of free parking at Liberty State Park and there are also numerous benches and picnic tables so you can enjoy your day. There is also a concession stand and bathroom on this side of the park, so if you didn't pack a lunch you can always grab a quick bite to eat.

Keep in mind that it does get busy during the weekends and it may be hard to find a table, so come early. There are restrictions, so if you are planning an event, you should call ahead. For reservations, contact park office at (201) 915-3400, x101 or e-mail libertystatepark@dep.nj.gov

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