4 Days at Margaritaville Orlando

On our trip to Orlando, we decided to stay 4 days at a budget friendly hotel and 4 days at a slightly more lavish hotel. We decided to stay at the new Margaritaville Resort in Orlando for our more prestigious accommodations. It was well worth the price!

I found Margaritaville on Plumbenefits for a little more than $130 a night (plus resort fee)! Plumbenefits is available to teachers in New Jersey through The NJEA Website. However, many teachers in NJ have no idea of the many benefits of this Website. You might want to check if you have access to this Website through any of your professional organizations.

Our plan was to spend as much time enjoying this resort as possible, while at the same time visiting local attractions. Of course, plans never quite plan out, and we left wanting our stay to be a little longer.

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The Room

The room was spacious with a large and modern large screen TV with plenty of channels. The bathroom was great. There were 2 sinks, a shower, and the toilet was in an adjacent room. However, there was no tub in the bathroom.

There was a tablet in the room where you could get information about the hotel, order room service, and get the valet to have your car ready.

There was also a spacious balcony where you can sit and enjoy the weather and the view or simply just dry your clothes.

Our view was of the quiet pool.

Margaritaville has an incredibly impressive lobby. It is an ideal place to take pictures, sit, and enjoy. Check-in was a breeze and even though we were there very early because we had to check out of Cypress Pointe Resort at 10 AM, they were able to accommodate us with a room right away.


The hotel has three pools. The one closest to the Grill has the most activity and is quite active. The second one has music but a more laid back vibe. The third is a short walk away and in a more secluded area, it is considered the quiet pool.

If you want to feel like you are on the beach, this is definitely the place to go. These beautiful zero entry pools are only missing the waves.

The pools, are beautifully decorated, just like the rest of the hotel. We loved spending time at the pool. The pools are 4 ft deep and there were plenty of activities in the pool area. There is also plenty of seating, and cabanas with fans and televisions that can be reserved the day (for a fee).


The resort is in an excellent up and coming location. Sunset Walk is just a few steps away and offers plenty of dining options and a great theater. There is also a small strip mall that is within walking distance that has a Target, a Ross, and few other stores.

The New H20 Waterpark is also across the street. We did not get a chance to visit this park, however, at times, the hotel offers free entrance to this park! So please check for details.

The resort is also close Disney World. Universal and Sea World are maybe 30 minutes away. We also took a bus trip to Clearwater Beach which picked us up about a mile and half away. We were the last to get picked up and the first ones dropped off, so it was a great deal for us.

There are also plenty of dining options at the hotel. When we arrived there were 4 different options available. We sampled all 4.

We arrived late to breakfast, and there were not that many options available. They had pretty good service, but we were not blown away by the food or by the selection.

We ordered Fish Tacos from the Salty Rim Bar and Grill. They were delicious and exceeded our expectations!

Provisions was a great place for quick eats. They made us a pretty decent Pizza and had pretty good selection in the morning. This is the place to go if you don't want to spend too much on your food. No frills.

Euphoria is their upscale restaurant and you may need reservations. We were not able to go on a Saturday Night because it was full. However, we had the place practically to ourselves the next night. The food and the drinks were delicious!


We did not like that the hotel had valet parking and no self-parking option. So we decided to take Uber and Lyfts instead of renting a car. However, if that is also a concern for you, there is free parking available down the road. There is also a place to rent a car right inside the hotel.

Review and Recommendations

Margaritaville Resort is possibly the best bargain in the Orlando area. Its also getting better very quickly. We loved our stay and we believe that most of their guests will feel the same.

There is something for everyone at Margaritaville, and there is certainly the opportunity to splurge. However, if you are on a budget and do your research, you can certainly spend a great time at this resort and still stay on budget.

Make sure that you look up any fees that may be associated with your stay since they change quite often. We do this by looking up different review sites and typing in "fees" in the search.

Do your research, have fun, and Happy Travels!

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