3 Days at Cypress Pointe

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On our Orlando trip, we decided to split our stay between a budget friendly hotel and a more ritzy choice. We decided to spend 4 days at Cypress Pointe for our budget friendly choice. However, our stay was cut a little short by a storm that that prevented our flight from departing on time.

I found Cypress Pointe by Diamond Resorts on Plumbenefits for a little more than $50 a night (plus resort fee)! Plumbenefits is available to teachers in New Jersey through The NJEA Website. However, many teachers in NJ have no idea of the many benefits of this Website. You might want to check if you have access to this Website through any of your professional organizations.

Our plan was to stay here while we went to the parks and other events in around Orlando. Our plan was just to sleep here and maybe visit the pool for a few minutes. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of value we received.


Cypress Pointe by Diamond Resorts is wan an absolute diamond in the rough! While I can't say that our stay was perfect, for the price, it was an absolute bargain. It was clean, there was so much to do, and it was completely affordable!

Our favorite part was the pool. It's a pretty sizable pool with a volcano that lights up. It also has slides for the kids. It's 5 ft. deep which is perfect for a person that can't swim like me. However, there is no lifeguard on duty.

There seemed to be plenty of family friendly activities throughout the day. They also had lively music, and an early morning pool workout for the adults that we never got up for.

It is also open late! The pool closes at 11:00 PM which is great. The pool is also pretty far away from the rooms, so we didn't hear any noise at all, even though we were pretty close to the pool.

Cafe Pointe

One of my favorite parts of this resort was Cafe Pointe. After spending $7 dollars on a water bottle at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, this was a pleasant surprise. At $3 for a liter, the water was fairly priced for a resort.

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Not only was the water fairly priced, so was the rest of the food selections! They had a great selection of food and beverages. It is a small space, but they pack a big punch. Also, we were pleasantly surprised with both the quality and quantity of the food.

When we went to Disney, we stopped by to buy our lunch. They made us 2 huge sandwiches! They saved us a fortune at Disney since we were so full.

The service was also great! Everyone that attended us was friendly. They did a great job at making us feel comfortable!


The room was clean and the bed was soft. However, if you are planning to stay here, there are quite a few tidbits of information that you should know.

First of all, the room was a little hard to find, you have to pay close attention to the directions. Which is hard when you are checking in at 2AM. However, the positives are that you can check in at 2AM. There is a large fee of $200 for a late check-out. I did not want to check how strict this policy was so we made sure to check out on time at 10 AM.

Additionally, they do not clean your room everyday. If you need extra toilet paper or towels, you should contact the front desk. They were very amiable and someone always dropped whatever we requested within a few minutes.

Also, the walls are very thin. We were able to hear everything that was going on in the room next to ours. This was a problem on our first night and in the morning. After that, we didn't hear much . This is a complaint that we read over and over again in the reviews. If you are staying in a studio apartment, you should be aware of this. A pair of earplugs will help. However, your experience is hit and miss.

Also, keep in mind that this resort is full of 2 bedroom apartments. If you are staying in one of these you shouldn't have a problem because there is so much space in your unit. If you are traveling with a family I would definitely take a look into the suites at this resort, they look amazing.

Another issue is that the toilet is in a small cramped space. There might be an issue if you are claustrophobic. Yes, it is that small. The shower is pretty good.

There is a large tub in the middle of the room.

Review and Recommendations

The tub in the middle of the room makes it a very interesting place to recommend. If you have children, or if you are in need of any sort of privacy, the studio may not be the place for you. However, the other units at this resort may be ideal for your group.

Also, we have read that many guests get asked to attend a timeshare presentation. We were not asked, nor called. I am not sure if that has to do with our booking or because we arrived late.

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With such a low price tag, this place packs a whole lot of value. I find it very hard to complain about a place that offers so much value for the buck. Just to remember that there is a resort fee that you will have to pay per night!

It was a great home-base while we were there. The pool was an awesome place to hang-out. Also, Cafe Pointe saved us a lot of money when we went to Disney.

This is a great deal as long as you know what to expect when you get there.

Happy Travels!

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